Server and Workstation Support

Dulaney Group’s Cloud-based Managed Server and Workstations support provides an answer. We can deliver expert technical support at the server or workstation level for all of your users, at any location.

  • Virus Protection Management
  • Patch Management
  • Disk Space Monitoring
  • CPU & Memory Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Real-Time Support


With our monitoring application you will save money and time while we manage and fix the majority of technical issues automatically, in the background and before major problems arise. Tasks such as performance tuning, disk space monitoring, anti-virus scans, software updates and more are done proactively. And if a problem is detected, we are notified and corrective action is taken most of the time without a user even realizing they had an issue.

Contact Dulaney Group Technologies to learn more about how our Server and Workstation Support solution can help your business.